Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tempted to "Drive Thru"

When the schedule doesn't go as planned it drives me nuts. It is the 'boy wouldn't it be easier to run through the drive thru at McDonalds tonight" kind of moment.

Our schedule today was that husband goes to doctor and picks up youngest. Meanwhile oldest is with me from school (I teach where he goes). We go home and make dinner so that when youngest and husband get home we all eat and oldest is done in order to be at karate by 5:30. WELL, I am almost home and I get txt from husband that he is going to be longer at doctors then he thought. SOOOO, I turn around and drive 20min out of my way to pick up youngest and now I am 40 min behind schedule. How am I supposed to get home, make dinner, and eat dinner in time to turn around to leave for karate????

As I drive my mind is racing and now not only do I need to assess the fridge but do it while driving and not being able to actually see what it in the fridge. Well, the plan becomes to make the children the two left over taco shells and taco meat, spare just enough taco meat to make myself a taco salad, and hubby gets last nights leftover pasta and chicken breast that he didn't eat because he got home too late. DONE - Dinner is on the table in under 15 min with NO cooking. Everyone got a protein, fruit, and veggie!! We made it to karate.

PHEW another temptation to drive thru averted.

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