Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm opening my refrigerator

In the Fridge...

Top shelf you still see that huge butter. There is salad dressings, garlic, olive oil mayo, and half jar of salsa. The Gatorade is my husbands due to the sickness he wanted some emergency electrolytes. I need to stock some Smart Water for this. The pickles made there way into lunches this week but I haven't been able to ask my son if he likes them.

Second shelf - Wegman's light blends yogurt which is a new treat my son and I discovered this week while shopping. We added some granola and peaches. I think you will see these in some upcoming lunches. Left-over coleslaw, Parmesan cheese, and pasta sauce

Bottom shelf - Salad, Spinach, leftover pizza, chicken noodle, and mac n cheese. chicken stock and applesauce. The black box is my lunch from Tuesday which I couldn't eat because I was so sick. I will probably take that to school tomorrow.

Little drawer - turkey lunch meat, cheese sticks, shredded cheese

It looks like I need a leftover dinner night to clean some stuff out.

Bottom Drawers -
Left - Veggies - tomatoes, onion, carrots, cucumber
Right - Fruit - 2 types of apples, clementines, a few green grapes

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