Monday, January 18, 2010

lunch 1.19.10

Here is my lunch for tomorrow. Turkey and provolone on whole wheat, salsa mixed with sour cream, blue corn chips, a clementine, some organic pickles after realizing that other brands had yellow dye in them for no reason, and a couple treats.
My son is having turkey on provolone as well, salsa (sans sour cream), blue corn chips, pickles, and if you look in the silverware compartment you will see a new treat I found today at Target. It is a fruit roll up that has no red dye. I matched the ingredient list to the Annie's gummies and I was satisfied that this would be a treat that passes my test. I recognize almost every ingredient and the few I don't know what they are I have seen in other natural and organic treats. My son was thrilled to have a real 'fruit roll up'.


  1. I hate that there is dye in pickles. It took me a while, but I finally found some organic ones at central market.

    what brand are the roll ups?

  2. They are made by General Mills just like the 'regular' fruit roll ups. I was so excited. I am thinking about doing a review. I found one online. but maybe I will do my own too. Except I can't let my son eat the red dye to taste test.