Friday, January 22, 2010

School lunch from my sons perspective

Once a week I give in and let my son 'buy' his lunch at school. I also teach at the school he attends. I decided today to sneak down and take a pic of his school lunch. Pizza, a banana, green beans, chocolate milk, and an ice cream sandwich. I asked him what he finished and he said all of it but half of the banana.

I also wanted to give him a chance to evaluate the lunch 3 ways.

1. Did you like the lunch overall - "I give it 5 stars for taste." "I loved it."
2. Was it healthy? - "I give it 3 stars. The banana and green beans were healthy but the pizza and ice cream aren't"
3. How about the food groups - "The banana was the fruit, the vegetable was the green beans, the pizza was the grain and the oil, and the ice cream was the dairy so I give it 5 stars."
(I know he is missing some of the groups but I thought it was a pretty good answer. He is 6.)

I think that I am going to try to keep up with this each time he buys. Even though I have to give up part of my 22 min lunch to take the pic :)

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