Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Groceries/Menu January Week One

We needed to do the shopping quickly this week on Monday after school. I went to Martin's and I sent my husband to get the rest from Walmart. The only reason I wanted him to go to Walmart was to get Hormel's Natural Turkey Breast because there are no nitrates in it. Anyway, he ended up getting ham AND the wrong kind. AHHHH Live and learn!

Breakfast - Choice of ...
Kris Kringle Pancakes*
Blueberry Breakfast Cake*
Cinnamon Toast

Lunch - Stay Tuned for Pics

Pasta, broccoli, baked apples*
Broccoli soup* whole grain crackers, strawberries
Hamburgers and sweet potato fries
(Out for pizza - Ski School night with school)
Chicken Pot Pie *

*Thanks to SnoWhite at Finding Joy in my Kitchen for these recipes

Soooo, in order to make this menu plus a few snacks around the house I spent

Martin's = 49.15
Walmart = 37.35 (I subtracted the huge coffee that my husband bought for his turn at work)
TOTAL = 86.45


  1. what a great menu for the week -- I really hope you enjoy many of the dishes.

    I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed the Kris Kringle pancakes with chocolate chips!

    You asked where I found the rolling mat I used in making my gingerbread cookies; I found it at Bed Bath and Beyond for about $5. They have a couple of options, but I liked that this one has circles (I always seem to have trouble rolling out circular things!).

  2. Thanks for the tip. I will look for one. I am terrible at circles. My son keeps asking me to make the pancakes. I can't keep any in the freezer for very long. As a matter of fact, one day this week I made him a different bfast and he almost cried :) bc he was looking forward to the "kringle" as he calls it. You should have seen his sad face. I had to make another batch the next day.