Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Top 5 Breakfasts on the run

This is according to my 7 year old son.  We have to eat in the car because we leave the house so early.
  • Kris Kringles (Finding Joy in my Kitchen) I add 3 chocolate chips to each :) Make ahead of time and freeze. Pop in the microwave for a few seconds & eat by hand. No syrup needed since it has the bit of chocolate

  • Breakfast burritos  - Scramble some eggs. Mix in some salsa with the eggs.  (I know this next step will sound crazy) Press the eggs into an ice cube tray and freeze (trust me).  Once frozen, pop out the cubes and put them in a zip lock bag back in freezer.  In the morning grab two cubes and microwave a few minutes. Then put them in a tortilla with a little cheese. YUM

  • Cinnamon Raisin Toast with a Simply Gogurt - I know not exciting but my son loves cinnamon raisin toast.  I haven't found a brand that I am in love with.  Last time I got Thomas's and I was pretty happy with the ingredients.  I'm not thrilled with the Gogurt but there aren't any dyes and I recognize most of the ingredients.

  •  Oatmeal - I sometimes use the pouches but I mix in some plain quick cooking oats and I have always done that so the boys don't know any better.  When I have time (which isn't often) I make it on the stove.

  • Tim Horton's - I know, I know, so not local and so industrial, but I love them and in a pinch they aren't that bad for you.  Egg and Cheese on a plain bagel.  Everyone has a weakness right?

PLEASE tell me your ideas in a comment.  I really need more!!  I am always looking for what others do in the am with the rush to get out the door and eat breakfast.


    1. My Mom would always go out of her way and make my little sisters and I a huge breakfast every Saturday and Sunday morning. She would always make a million pancakes and we always have to throw half of them out. My Mom’s best friend was over one Saturday morning and we were having pancakes. Once again, my Mom made enough to feed the whole town. Her best friend said she does the same thing but freezes them for later. She stakes them with wax paper separating each pancake and puts them in the freezer. Then in the morning before school will take them out and put them in the toaster over. She said it is fast, easy and homemade.

    2. Love that you add chocolate chips to the pancakes -- delicious. Thanks for sharing how much you enjoy them.

    3. When I make rolls, I don't bake all of them, I keep out enough dough to make enough breakfast sandwiches for the week. Then I cut the dough into roll size with a round cutter and roll it thin, fill it with scrambled eggs/cheese/sausage, fold the edges up and around, bake, and then cool completely on a wire rack.

      Once cooled, wrap well and store in the freezer. They thaw overnight and warm up in about a minute in the microwave for breakfast.

    4. Great idea! I am making clover rolls today for St. Pat's day and I am going to try this. Thanks so much!