Sunday, March 6, 2011

Planning a pokemon birthday party

We are in the beginning stages of planning my 7yr old's birthday party.

1.  He wants a party at the bowling ally
2.  He is inviting 7 guests + his bother and cousin
3.  He wants a pokemon theme

So far we are bowling and then going to my sister's or friend's house for food, dessert, and presents.  The meal plan is homemade mac n cheese, broccoli, and applesauce.  The dessert is going to be sugar cookies decorated like pokeballs.

Stay tuned.... I will post pictures of the pokeballs.  Can't make red and white ones because we will not use red dye #40 so I am compromising on white and yellow ones.


  1. I've done Pokemon parties before. They are a lot of fun. We usually link up all our game boys together and battle for keeps. This year we got a lottery wheels and did a pot luck.

  2. I'd love to see the pictures of the pokeballs, they sound like they were really cute! Children can be very precise in what they want and of course we as parents try our very best to give it to them. I'm sure he loved the party and that you were able to honor his theme, even without the red dye! When he gets a little older, you could do something a little more fun and easy going like muddywaters stated. Lottery Wheels are always a good time!