Saturday, February 26, 2011

Disney Disaster - Don't give up on me

We are back and I didn't do very well at eating healthy or locally.  Here are the highs and lows (mostly lows)

Day one - We arrived at 4:00 and my cousin drove us back to his house.  My cousin made us chicken parm (not bad on the healthy scale)

Day two -
   *Honey Bunches of Oat and a banana at the house (my son's new favorite cereal and only 6g of sugar)
   *Lunch - @ Epcot Asian cuisine for hubby and I (sweet and sour chicken, peanut saucy chicken, white rice and broccoli.) For the boys (Focaccia pizza, grapes, and applesauce)
   *Snack - Crepes from France (Bien sur!!)
   *Dinner - Mexican (tacos, fresh salsa and dip, nachos, grapes)

Day three -
   *Same breakfast
   *Snack - @ Hollywood Studios (popcorn, chips, water)
   *Lunch - My hubby and I split a hamburger and fries and my 7 yr old had chicken nuggets and grapes (I am cringing as I type)  My 4yr old was spared since he napped through lunch PHEW
   *Dinner - almost as bad - Pizza back at my cousins house
(NO VEGGIES unless you count ketchup and tomato sauce :)

Day four
  *No Disney today - Breakfast/Lunch (cause we slept in) - At Cracker Barrel (eggs, french toast, hash browns)
   *SNACK (HIGHLIGHT) - I found strawberries from Florida (local right?) and carrot sticks
   *Dinner - Mexican again - 7yr old - (cheese quesadilla and rice) Me - (mushroom quesadilla (and a huge margarita :) and I am not sure what my hubby ate bc he was holding my 4 yr old who once again slept through a meal.
No other food this day except popcorn from Target

Day five 
   *Breakfast - back to Honey Bunches
   *@ Seaworld - Lunch - Pizza, watermelon, fries, and a salad - We split all of it
   * Snack - popcorn while watching the dolphin show
   *Dinner - My cousin made us grilled flank steak, and shrimp, grilled zucchini and potatoes (VEGGIES FINALLY)  (Tiramisu for dessert YUMMO)

   *Breakfast - sandwiches from Dunkin Doughnuts
   *Lunch - @ a really cool Caribbean Theme restaurant called Bahama Breeze I had crab, shrimp, avacado, with a mango apple salsa, my hubby had clam chowder and a pasta dish, 7yr old had homemade mac n cheese, and the 4 yr old shared.
   *Snack - chocolate at airport and pretzels on the plane
   *Dinner (driving home at 8:00 pm and here you have it, the worst of the worst, Wendy's in the car but the 4 yr old slept though again)


   I am trying not to beat myself up about it and move onward.   I was conscious about what we were eating and I tried to help all of us make good choices.  We definitely fell victim to the vacationing type eating. This menu is a result of at least thinking about what we eat.  I knew we were making some poor choices, some ok choices, and some good choices given the choices we had.  I also know I could do better it I had put more planning and energy into the food.  I am able to do that when we go on shorter trips but all the way to Florida, with all the planning that goes into Disney, made it easier to succumb to the temptations of fast, easy, and unhealthy food.  I promise to do better.

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