Saturday, March 26, 2011

Preparing for Easter

I got this idea from We are that Family and I wanted to use it with my family as we prepare for Easter.
Here is how I set up my egg carton.

12 days before Easter we will start opening each egg and talk about the Easter story.  I am excited to find a way of making Easter more about Jesus than chocolate.  Here are the directions from Kristen @ We are that Family.

Make a list of 12 items that are in the Resurrection Story and if we couldn’t find the object around the house/yard, we just used our creativity.*I used pictures and folded them up inside the egg.

1. A picture of a donkey (Jesus triumphal entry)
2. Palm leaf from our front yard
3. A cup (from the Last Supper) We used a small lid to a water bottle
4. A flower (representing the Garden where Jesus prayed)
5. Some coins (Judas’ betrayal)
6. A piece of leather (symbolizing the whip)
7. A thorn (crown of thorns)
8. A paper cross
9. A dice (represent the soldiers who gambled for his clothes)
10. A nail (crucifixion)
11. A rock (to cover the tomb)
12. An empty egg (to remember the empty tomb!)

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