Sunday, March 6, 2011

Healthy on a budget this week

After Disney it is safe to say that we are on austerity this week.  So how do you still serve healthy meals without spending a fortune at the grocery store.  You will have to make some concessions.  My first one was that I shopped at a discount store instead of my favorite grocery store.

Meal Plan
Monday - Penne pasta (mushrooms, frozen spinach, ham, walnuts, parmesan)
*I had frozen spinach and parmesan on hand so this was a good choice
*I couldn't buy ham because of the nitrates in it.  So I bought Hormel ham sandwich meat as substitute and BONUS I had a coupon)

Tuesday - (We are eating out because we are playing basketball in a fundraiser - teachers vs Harlem Wizards)

Wednesday - (Ash Wednesday) - Veggie soup (box of chicken broth, frozen corn, green beans, broccoli and pasta stars)

Thursday - Quiche (Rachel Ray recipe) - ham and broccoli

Friday - (meatless)  Pierogies (Mrs T's with onions and butter), broccoli, applesauce

Groceries = $75.00
Snacks = Annies snack mix, Chex mix (coupon), cheese sticks (coupon)
Extra = dog food, some new storage containers bc coupon was going to expire :) 6 pack of mini cans of soda (I know its a weakness but I am trying to cut way back)


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