Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mindy's Birthday Missions on XM

Ready for this story??? My son and I share the same birthday... today. So he called into the Absolutely Mindy show on XM kids to let her know about our birthday. If you listen to the show you know that she gives kids 'birthday missions'. Three to be exact. So our birthday missions are as follows
1. My son must eat something that I love and he hates. He chose Asparagus In turn I would buy him something to eat that I wouldn't normally buy him. For that he chose a 'Lunchable' as pictured above.2. We have to wear each others shoes for 30 minutes and do an activity that the other likes. My son took a hot shower :)3. On his birthday cupcakes I have to put veggies on one and candy on another and we play rock, paper, scissors and the winner gets to pick what cupcake they want to eat. I WON! Here is my son eating a cupcake with carrots on it. He was a good sport so I gave him the candy one in the end.

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