Friday, March 26, 2010

March groceries

March was a crazy month for groceries. I was out of routine too often on the weekend so did some 'stopping' for items during the week instead of my normal 'get everything for the week' trip. Since we live in the middle of nowhere when we stop on the way home it is at expensive convenient stores or the local coop which has higher prices than Wegmans as well.

March 10th and 13th - Tops $7.63
Wegmans - $88.79 ($7.10 coupons)
Target - $35.28 ($16.50 coupons)
March 21st - Tops $58.14 ($4.00 coupons, $10.00 gift card)

March 25th - Wegmans $143.64 (3.00 coupons) - produce was so high and I got enough to make snack for my son's class for his birthday plus a snack for my students)
Coop $11.58

Total for March = $345.06 (plus some small stops that I didn't have receipts for) almost 5 weeks in March so divided that is only like $70 a week.

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