Sunday, March 14, 2010

lunch 3.14.10 and groceries

I am ahead of the game now. Finally a weekend to get caught up. Now, I have to be honest I didn't do much cleaning, but I do have muffins in the oven and groceries in the cupboards and fridge. I got some great deals this weekend thanks to my fellow bloggers and tomorrow's lunch is inspired by amanda at lunchbox limbo. Thanks amanda!

Salad with ranch dressing, organic strawberries, organic chesse, Hormel ham (all natural), and some harvest cheddar sun chips.

Groceries this week
Target = $33.00 ish $7.60 in coupons (I bought some non food and don't want to do math)
Wegmans= $70.75 - $7.10 in coupons
TOTAL = $103.75 and $14.70 in coupons

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