Friday, April 22, 2011

How far did that come from???

Ok, so here is a work up of my produce in miles from my last shopping trip.  I was CRAVING fresh produce because it has been so long.  I broke down and bought some fresh fruit and veggies.

Sorry the pictures isn't perfect.   Even as an estimate it is crazy to see where the food came from, how far it traveled and how much that would cost me to drive.  AND THIS IS JUST PRODUCE.  I know all of that other "stuff" traveled quite a bit to get to me too.

Check out to the right, I have added an Amazon widget where I will place some of my favorite products that help me in my journey to eat healthy while being a full time teacher and mother of 2. First up is a book that really got me started on my locavore mission.  It is inspiring and fun to read.  Check it out!

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