Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Way Cool Night - "Scrap the Schedule"

My son and I decided to scrap our schedule tonight and have a lazy night. We put our pajamas on as soon as we got home. Instead of rushing through dinner in time to get to karate and an art show at his school, we watched TV, ate mac -n- cheese, baked cookies, and played video games. It was nice to just be lazy and not rush around. We needed it!! Hence, time for a blog post.

This was yesterdays lunch inspired by Melissa at Another Lunch. I am not sure I even come close to doing this justice, but I tried. I am also really jealous of Melissa's pictures (they are so clear and bright). I am trying to convince my husband that we need a new camera.
Lunch is... PB & J on my homemade puzzle piece (no cutters :(. My first checkerboard apple, which was much easier then I thought, tomatoes, and butterfly crackers which I was so happy to find at Wegman's and even more happy that they didn't have ingredients that I didn't like. YEAH!

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  1. You are so sweet, Frosty! :) I think this lunch is great!!! Checkered apples are pretty easy as far as the "carving" part goes, but I swear I mess up the darn pattern almost every time! Doh!!