Monday, May 31, 2010

Throw Away Lunch

Here is my attempt at a brown bag lunch. My son has a field trip tomorrow. I didn't have any sandwich size bags because I quit buying them so it was tricky. From left to right, chex mix (I know, not really healthy but not doritos either), PB and J rolls on whole wheat (this was my way of fitting a sandwich into a snack bag), blueberries on 'skewers', a few carrot sticks, and a fruit leather. I still don't know how I am doing drink bc I don't have any juice boxes. I hope to get water in here some how.

1 comment:

  1. Ha! You did a good job! I love that you found a way to get a sandwich in a snack bag! :D

    I still have a household stock of baggies in all sizes because of things like raw meat - I don't want that sort of stuff in a reusable container, it just grosses me out. But a box of baggies last us about a year. ;-)