Saturday, February 20, 2010

Can't wait... Groceries

I dont have the exact numbers but I can't wait to blog about the fact that I saved at least $14.00 in coupons this week AND there was only one product I used a coupon for that I wasn't planning on buying anyway. I LOVE THAT!


February week one = Tops = 31.73
Walmart = 74.75 (higher bc I bought items for superbowl and mardi gras)
TOTAL = 106.48 ($1.98 in coupons)

February week two = is fuzzy because of our mid-winter break, we ate out alot and pick items up here and there. My husband pick things up too so I don't have all of the receipts. Here is what I have.
Tops = 17.83
Walmart = 12.00
TOTAL = 29.83

OK, time to get back on track... School start again on Monday!

February week three = Wegmans = 90.71
Target = 25.60
TOTAL = 116.31
(Here's the best part - $17.25 in COUPONS and all but one for an item I would not buy anyway)

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