Sunday, April 25, 2010

Final Push and Goals (lunch too:)

I wish I could take better pictures but I am doing the best I can with the time I have. :) (which is little). Spring Break is over for us. I am sure that tomorrow morning will be hectic but here we are at the final push to summer. I have big plans..

Lunch is nitrate free Hormel turkey on organic wheat bread with organic lettuce, organic carrots and ranch (not organic bc I couldn't make the switch on him), Skindiddy not organic but all natural mac n cheese puffs, a cheese stick, and organic fruit leather.

1. Make it through the year packing healthy lunches with variety
2. Plant a garden
3. Buy all produce from local farms
4. Buy organic meat
5. Shoot in the 30s a few times (golf) :)

*Lofty goals but after watching Food Inc. and Food Revolution I am driven!!!


  1. my boy starts school in Sept and is the pickiest eater ever, I have no idea what I can send him

  2. Mom vs the boys - I hear you! My problem is going to be that the tastes of my two boys are so different that it will be a juggling act to make them both happy once the youngest starts packing too.